The PS5 is here: Live updates on where you can buy the console

If you’re scrambling for a PS5 at the last minute, there are still a number of vendors selling the console on launch day.

The PlayStation 5’s launch lineup boasts a number of exciting titles like Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, so there’s good reason to be excited about the console’s release.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not the PS5 is worth it, check out our PS5 review. If you’ve already made up your mind, here’s everything you need to know regarding the biggest vendors selling these consoles:

PS5 Walmart availability

Walmart will have PlayStation 5 consoles available throughout launch day at four different times (see below). Click here to visit Walmart’s PlayStation 5 section, where orders will begin today at 9am PST or 12pm EST. Keep in mind, this is online-only.

Tomorrow is the day you’ve all been waiting for! 🎉 Order the #PS5 online only on 11/12 during these four times throughout the day:🕛 12 PM ET🕒 3 PM ET🕕 6 PM ET🕘 9 PM ETNovember 11, 2020

If you’re unsuccessful during that time, don’t worry! Walmart will also have additional PS5 consoles available at 3pm PT (6pm ET) and 6pm PST (9pm ET).

Of all of these vendors, Walmart is certainly your best bet as far as snagging a PlayStation 5 on launch day goes. That being said, we are already two time slots down and there are many angry customers who saw the PS5 disappear instantly from Walmart’s website. We’re hoping the next two drops give customers more time to purchase. 

PS5 Costco Availability

Costco has recently received additional stock of PS5 consoles. However, you need to be a member with Costco to gain access to them. Not only that, but it’s limited to one per customer and it won’t ship for another two weeks. Keep in mind, this is also a bundle which has been hiked a bit in price because it comes with an additional controller, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and one month of PlayStation Now.

PS5 Sony availability

Sony temporarily had a queue available for launch-day purchases of the console, but this seems to have quickly sold out. 

However, the website still says to “check back on 11/12 for more availability.” We’ll keep up with the site to see if the console is back in stock at any point throughout the day. If it is, we will update this article with relevant links and info. 

PS5 Target availability

Target will have PS5 consoles for sale, but they’re only available for pick-up at local stores based on availability within those stores. Head to Target’s PS5 section and see if you can manage to snag one for pick-up at your local Target. If it’s not at your selected store, try looking at nearby stores for availability. 

If not, Target will sell excess consoles in-person after launch day. However, don’t bet on this being a realistic solution, as it will more than likely be sold out by that point.

PS5 GameStop availability

GameStop had additional PS5 consoles up for sale on Wednesday, but this stock quickly sold out. However, the retailer promised that there would be additional PlayStation 5 consoles available for purchase within its stores on the day of launch. 

We do not recommend physically going to these stores to try and snag a console during the coronavirus pandemic. GameStop’s PS5 section says “Currently sold out, check back soon,” so be sure to bookmark this page for the latest updates. 

PS5 Amazon availability

Amazon will have additional PS5 consoles up during launch day, although a time has been unspecified. In fact, if you search for the PS5 anywhere on the website, it’s not even listed. However, there is a more general PS5 page.

We recommend keeping up to date with Amazon’s page or checking back here frequently to see if that has changed whatsoever.

PS5 Best Buy availability

Best Buy will have PS5 consoles up for sale at some point, but a specific time and date is unknown. 

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend relying on Best Buy for a launch-day purchase of a console. However, keep up with the page just in case it updates and check back on this article to see if this changes.

PS5 B&H Photo Video availability

B&H Photo Video had consoles in-stock for a brief time earlier in the morning. Whether or not the console will restock at any point today is difficult to discern. Keep up with this article and the B&H site itself to see whether or not that happens.

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